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National Nutrition Month


Westbury Community Garden is in search of three food service professional (dieticians, nutritionists, chefs, caterers) who can speak and prepare food samples for our VegOut! Westbury 30 Ways In 30 Days program each Saturday in March for National Nutrition Month.

Each volunteer chef  would teach a bit about ways to increase vegetables in our families' meals or teach new ways to prepare and serve old favorites. This chef presentation will follow a short nutrition lesson from a volunteer science teacher who will give a different K - 5 lesson each Saturday. We hope to have kids try new vegetables and provide inspiration and ideas for parents. Participants will be able to taste bite sized samples and take recipes home. 

Westbury Community Garden is a 7 acre property in the southwest Houston neighborhood of Westbury where organic allotment gardens are rented to individuals. The property also contains a 2 acre urban farm leased to Plant-It-Forward Farms, a refugee urban agriculture training program. The site also contains a rain catchment and compost systems, two orchards, an NABA certified butterfly habitat  and an outdoor learning pavilion.

Westbury Community Garden's Mission: The Westbury Community Garden educates adults and children about good nutrition and ecology, strengthens community spirit, provides organically-grown food, and serves as a gathering place for the community.

Westbury Health Demographics: Westbury Community Garden is uniquely positioned in a community of high need with a Community Need Index of 4.8 out of 5 (Dignity Health, 2016), surrounded by low-income housing. Overall as a community, a few main contributing factors for health disparities include: a 58% minority (African-American and Hispanic) population which is 4% higher than the average in Houston; 33% of the population lives at or below the Federal Poverty Level which currently stands at $24,300 for a family of four (HHS, 2017); a 32% obesity rate for adults; and 26% of the population reporting poor physical health (UT Health, 2010). This information is from the Health of Houston Survey of 2010, and does not completely capture the transformation in population in Westbury over the past six years. 

Please respond for more details about our goals, limitations in working at this site and possible resources for materials, printing, etc.

Thank you for your interest!


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