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Divine Grace Medical Missionaries

Who We Are

DGMM provides help and alleviates the lives of the disadvantaged families in Houston. We provide answers to negative social, economic and literacy paradigms. These we achieve through tutoring, homework assistance, tutoring, homework assistance and have basic education; GED or high school diploma, English as a second languages (ESL). DGMM is helping in providing long --term solution to technology education, adult literacy, tutoring, homework assistance and have basic education; GED or high school diploma, English as a second languages (ESL). We also help in providing counseling and empowerment to broken families and young adults. We contribute to combating the difficulties created by lack of education, direction and purpose in the lives of people who are in need. The goal is to educate, guide, and empower people in need through multiple human and material resources such as literacy education, health literacy, adult literacy programs, food, clothing, and shelter. We provide counseling to drugs and alcohol addicts, broken families, families literacy, spiritual training, and help women and youth with life supporting programs. DGMM enhances literacy education to those who are at risk, drop-out of school, and Homework assistance. Our organization trains leaders worldwide. Our priority is to ensure discipleship, leadership development train trainers and holistic education support for all. We protect women from abuse and unfair treatment. We propagate equality, equity, fairness and good conscience to our target audience. We ensure sustainability by monitoring our projects. DGMM through her missions wishes to plant men and women who would promote the dignity of mankind in all facets of live. We look forward to a society where majority of the people would be capable of reading, writing and feeding for themselves and families. This program is milestone to achieving a good population of literate people who would appreciate the need for education, and self-sufficient.

What We Do

Divine Grace Medical Missionaries (DGMM)'s mission is to provide human development and economic empowerment opportunities for low income youth, their families, and diverse populations in the Southwest area of Houston, through literacy education, social and human services, and health literacy programs to enhance their quality of life. DGMM achieves its mission by emphasizing on literacy, technology, and education in a holistic environment, providing social, academic, and similar programs focused on building leadership and life skills for low-income and at-risk youth, their families and other disenfranchised individuals who are in need of our services.


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