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Lone Star Veterans Association

Who We Are

The Lone Star Veterans Association is dedicated to creating a community where service members coming out of the military can make the successful transition to a civilian life. Our mission is to prevent veteran unemployment, depression, isolation, homelessness, substance abuse, and worst of all, suicide. We are a dedicated team of veterans that have served in combat and are now serving in Texas, to improve the lives of veterans and their families. We do this through camaraderie, peer mentoring, career assistance, community service, transition assistance, athletic engagement, family events, veteran advocacy, and mental health awareness and resources.


We have served around the world and now we are serving here in Texas to make sure that our brothers and sisters are not left behind.

What We Do

The Lone Star Veterans Association is a non-for-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting returning veterans and their families in making a successful transition from the military to civilian world. Founded by veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, they provide career transition, social programs, peer mentoring, PTSD support, family events, community service projects, and advocacy on behalf of the Post 9/11 military generation. The Lone Star Veterans Association operates in the Greater Houston Area and is the largest Iraq and Afghanistan veteran organization in the state of Texas.

We operate on a daily basis under the direction of the Executive Director and the Leadership Team. We are advised and supervised by a Board of Directors. The majority of our staff and volunteers are veterans who have served in the United States military.