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Cherrie On Top Youth Center Inc.

Who We Are

Our mission is to infuse youth to be strong steadfast professionals; specializing in diverse life skills and positive influence through active programs. We believes that we must infuse our poverty stricken youth with a new way of thinking. Not everyone will be born with parents to care for them, nice homes, or a lot money. Some individuals will never live the life of a movie star, but we know that they can still live a prosperous life if they change their way of thinking.  How can Cherrie on Top help?  Whenever our volunteers, speakers, or personal guest work with the youth, we expect them to engulf the youth with what we call, “positive imprints”.  When youth only speak and think of the negatives in life, we must find ways to show them that the most horrible moments can be the most rewarding. It will take a lot of work to change the minds of the poor community, but we know that anything is possible if you believe!

What We Do

We teach youth ages 9-15 diverse life skills such as diverse etiquette, sports for life, and insight to the real world through our life skill tour program. With this program we expose youth to powerful assimilation field trips all across Houston! They will meet various entrepreneurs and be exposed to diversities not developed in their current living environment. Other programs include; special events, our mentor ship program, and snacks with impact were we pass out healthy snacks to children in low-income neighborhoods, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.